Grupo Promexinv (Mexican Investment Promotion Company in English) is born an investment bank in 2012 looking to provide a human approach to business and finance. Ethics, transparency and commitment to the client are elements that Promexinv recovers and applies to the financial sector, looking to go beyond the traditional limited financial gain oriented approach.

Promexinv goes back to the basic essence of a human being and takes interpersonal relationships as a starting point in order to create alliances and businesses looking to reach great social impact.

For Promexinv alliances with clients go beyond obtaining resources and investments. We develop long term business relations with the objective of expanding the operations of the companies we advise on its sectors and industries, looking to consolidate its investments in Mexico and abroad.

We design and apply the right strategies for each client as a result of a deep involvement with each, so knowing their needs and the direction of their business


With the firm believing of achieving a high positive social impact, Promexinv returns to the basic essence of the human being, the interpersonal relationships, to generate business alliances.

To Promexinv partnerships with its customers goes beyond obtaining resources and investments. We develop business relationships with the long term goal of expanding operations and advise companies in their sectors and industries , seeking to consolidate their investments.


Grupo Promexinv is made up of different talented people that together add up to a 50 year career in the financial, real estate, infrastructure, energy and entertainment sector.

Grupo Promexinv has been involved in transactions that are worth over USD$250 million dollars over the last three years it has been operational

Add to this figure all the previous transactions the members of Grupo Promexinv have been involved in, which put together are worth over USD$5.7 million dollars

January, 2012

Boutique investment bank dedicated to the analysis, management, obtaining funding, mergers and acquisitions and developing joint ventures. In addition to this we provide investment advise on new venture capital projects on different sectors such as real estate, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, entertainment among others, always having a high economic and social impact.

January, 2012

Servicios Promexinv is a strategic and investment boutique consulting firm.

We combine a close knowledge of our clients by working together and thoroughly and completely analyzing the specific situation of each and every one of them in order to deliver clear, precise and feasible results with integrity and competence.

March, 2014

Promexinv Ventures was born as an entrepreneurship investment fund that emphasizes on the incubation and acceleration of enterprises with social, cultural and economical impact. We strongly believe in the talent of Mexican entrepreneurs and in investing not only capital, but our efforts, time and trust in innovative projects.

February, 2014

SOFOM (Multiple Purpose Financial Institution in English) dedicated to the organization of financial operations in the different sectors of which Grupo Promexinv is a part of.
We are financial intermediaries set apart by our flexibility and the creation of tailored financial solutions according to each of our clients projects.

May, 2014

At Promexinv Real Estate Opportunity Fund I we work with our clients to detect interesting investment opportunities in the real estate sector according to the risk-performance ratio defined jointly.
We are a private equity investment fund focused on connecting developers with capital investors in order to create a diversified project portfolio.

Transparency and Involvement with
They are our elements



  • Design of “turnkey” funding strategies.
  • Fund and debt raising through the acquisition of debt instruments, capital or both in international and national markets.
  • Creation of specialized investment vehicles/ structured investment vehicles (SIV’s)
    (CKD’s, REIT’s, private equity funds, etc.)

M &A

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate sales and purchases
  • Management Buy Outs

Corporate Consulting

  • Valuation and analysis of energy, infrastructure, venture capital and real estate investment projects.
  • Strategy consulting
  • Capital Structure
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Analysis of investment opportunities
  • Advanced search of strategic partners

Financial Real Estate Consulting

  • Valuation and analysis of investment projects in diverse sectors such as residential, corporate, commercial industrial, mixed-use and tourism.
  • “Tailor Made” Investment and Divestment strategies – investment portfolio structure, diversification, financial advantage and risk-return objectives.
  • Viability analysis of new investment opportunities and creation of Financial Real Estate plans.



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